Writing: The Adventure








     I have enjoyed writing ever since the third grade when I won a poetry contest at school.  After that, I began writing more in my free time as well as experimenting with other forms of writing.  Since then, I have written for a school newspaper and my bank's teen newsletter, and I have taken as many English and Writing classes as possible.  

     After starting school at the University of Michigan, I found that I had less and less time to write.  I was going into the science field and I had no way of expressing myself, which added to the ridiculous amounts of stress I already had in my life.  After going one semester with only required science courses, I knew I had to find a way to get back to writing.  When I found out about the Minor in Writing, I knew it was perfect for me.  For the rest of my time at the University, I get to take one writing class a semester, which will help keep me sane and allow me to do something I love.  This semester was my first semester on the road to a minor in writing, with Writing 220: Introduction to the Minor in Writing.

     This website is to show you my journey with my  writing.  It is not in chronological order, as many of these pieces were being written at the same time.  Instead, it features some of the most notable pieces I have written since starting college.